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Dolly Parton: Essential Porter and Dolly

Dolly Parton: Essential Porter and Dolly


Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton one of country's all-time great duos! With Wagoner's steady baritone anchoring Parton's gossamer soprano, the two breathed such emotional life into their songs of heated love and marital strife that many of their fans thought the pompadoured Porter and the cantilevered Dolly were husband and wife. What satisfies most is the carefully constructed harmonies, the two voices sliding in and out of prominence, then launching into a thrilling mix and breaking and gliding again. When they hit their stride on "Holding on to Nothin'," the most dramatic and cathartic performance here, they take a back seat to no other duet team in history. Includes Please Don't Stop Loving Me; Making Plans; The Last Thing on My Mind; We'll Get Ahead Someday; Yours Love; Just Someone I Used to Know; If Teardrops Were Pennies; Say Forever You'll Be Mine, and more. 20 tracks, every Top 10 hit!

1. The Last Thing On My Mind
2. Holding On To Nothing
3. We’ll Get Ahead Someday
4. Yours, Love
5. Always, Always
6. Just Someone I Used To Know
7. Tomorrow Is Forever
8. Daddy Was An Old-Time Preacher
9. Better Move It On Home
10. The Right Combination
11. Burning The Midnight Oil
12. Lost Forever In Your Kiss
13. Together Always
14. We Found It
15. Say Forever You’ll Be Mine
16. If Teardrops Were Pennies
17. Please Don’t Stop Loving Me
18. Is Forever Longer Than Always
19. If You Go I’ll Follow You
20. Making Plans

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